Santa and Mrs. Claus

The information you have asked for is confidential so I choose not to send it through email.

This is where you can click and download the full package of all the Bank Transfer documents

You can click here to download all docments


Here are images of my bank statements which also show the 3 transferred.

Wire 1       10/05/17   This was what you said was your original fee.

Wire 2   10/16/17   This was the fee you said you needed since it was a religious company.

Wire 3     10/26/17          This was the fee to refund me but I transferred too much money


Mr Gamble a friend from England has verified your bank received these funds and then transferred them to a bank in Tangiers?

He also visited your office in England with copies of all my paperwork and verifications of the bank transfers and receipts from your bank. He was unable to locate you are the address you list as your address.


Russ and I still want to close our deals or get refunds.  We will insist on doing that in person.    Call me at 256-453-5341